Thea Rodgers just booked her first commercial with us. Trust and believe you will be hearing more from Ms. Rodgers. Go, Thea GO!
Congrats Diana Acevedo for booking another commercial. What is that? Two bookings this month?! Let's GO! Diana!
Congrats to Daniella for booking a commercial today. She might be small but she is mighty! Go Daniella Go!
Congrats to Diana for booking an episodic! Be on the look out for this actress, because this will not be the last time you hear from her. Go! Daiana GO!
Congratualations Trey for booking an Industrial project today. Hey folks Trey is an example of no weekends off. Go! Trey GO!
Congrats to our client, Will Leon for booking a commercial today. Watch out for this guy, because if there's a "Will" there's a way! Let's Go! Will!
Alexandra Bartley, has not been with us that long, but since coming on board she's shown us that she is a force to be wreaking with. Go Alexandra GO!
Actress, Lexi Collins, is not only a talented and well rounded actress, but an amazing social media influencer. Most people can't do it all, but LEXI! She definitely can. Go Lexi GO! Lexi Video
WOW! AGAIN! He's on a roll. Ryan did it again. Good job! More to come from Mr. Adams.
Lexi Collins is a very talented and ambitious actress. This is definitely her year to shine!